Allergen testing

Allergy causes are many. In dealing with allergies, we work with ampoules (primarily pollen of various plants) through which we detect intolerance. Also, ampoules with dust mites and ampoules with animal epithets are used, e.g. cat’s hair, dog’s hair, poultry feathers, which are often shown as allergens.

Through the load testing, the possible load on chemical substances is also identified. The principle of work is the same as for food intolerance and allergies. In ampoules sets we have information of a large number of harmful substances that are food, water, soil and air pollutants that can be hazardous to human health. If a person works with hazardous substances, he / she is exposed to a higher risk of poisoning and negative health effects.

The presence of chemical substances can be detected in bioresonance and they can be removed from the treated person. In the group of substances we are trying to control are a large number of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, carcinogens, chemical substances and industrial toxins. Industrial polluters are a problem in big cities, especially in places with developed chemical industry or mining industry, as well as in the places where the increased concentration of toxins can pass into the body through air, food or water. The conclusion is that this method should be applied timely in terms of prevention of harmful effects from chemical pollutants and heavy metals.